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Munday Jumbles are run throughout the season over 12 ends.

Standard: Similar to Spoons, Jumbles is available to all members and not restricted to particular level of competence.

Dress code: Casual wear but no blue jeans or t-shirts.

Start: 2pm - Please arrive 15 minutes early for team selection.

Play & Scoring:

At the start of the game teams are arranged by draw.

At the end of play the points scored by your team are awarded to each player of your team.

Example, your team scores 12 points, each player in your team will receive personally 12 points.

Your personal score is then carried forward to the next time you play.

At the end of the season each persons average score is counted to decide the winner. The winner will will be awarded the Whincop Trophy.

Playing each week is not required, but in order for the average score to be counted a player must at least attend 8 games in the season.​

Jumbles is great ways to socialise and meet other members.

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