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Gosforth Bowling Club is one of the leading bowling clubs

in the Northeast of England.

We are passionate about the game and offer playing opportunities

at all levels,

from top-level competitors to 'social players' and to  beginners.

Gents, Ladies and Young Players are all welcome to enjoy the game of bowls with us.

Bowls Game


To facilitate the game and sport of bowls to the highest standard with excellent facilities in a supportive and friendly environment to members & visitors.

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To be supportive and encourage all level of players to realise their full potential, and to continuously strive to improve the experience of players and visitors when using our club.  

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Leagues, Competitions, Casual Play
and Service available to members


  • Parliament League:- played on Thursday afternoons for players with a reasonable club standard.

  • Knight Cup League:- A stronger league for male players, played on Tuesday evenings.

  • Clegg Cup:- Played Wednesday evenings. The top league in the county, hence a very high standard. 

  • Nines:- Another top league. Played on Tuesday evenings.

  • Colins and Shipley (C&S):- is a Ladies only league.

Knockout Competitions

  • Club Championship. 

  • Two Wood Championship. 

  • Men’s Pairs Championship. 

  • Men’s Handicap Championship. 

  • The over 65’s Men’s Championship. 

  • Mixed Pairs Championship. 

Roll Ups & Casual Play and Practice

  • Roll Ups/ Casual Play and Practice - can be organised for most days between players, and and most times EXCEPT Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings which are reserved for green maintenance. 

County Competitions

  • County Competitions are for top players. Notification of players have to be given by the club to Northumberland County at the beginning of the season.

Club-internal Games

  • Spoons - The traditional Saturday Spoons is played over 15 ends followed by tea in the clubhouse.

  • Monday Jumbles - The Monday Jumbles run throughout the season. The winner receives the Whincop Trophy at the end of the season. 


  • Throughout the season many friendlies are organised with other clubs in the region, and also occasionally out of the region. At present we hope to be able to fulfil annual fixtures with clubs in Cumbria - Brampton and Stanwix in Carlisle, and in SW Scotland - Marchmount in Dumfries. See the fixture list.

  • If you are an organiser from another club please contact our competition organisers shown at the foot every web page.

Current Annual Subscriptions

Full Member £130

First Time Bowler, first year £85

Junior Member (up to age 25), £35

Social Member £20

There is NO Joining Fee

There are NO Green Fees

There is NO charge for one-off guests playing

There is NO charge for Lockers

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