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Dress Codes  2024 onwards

Casual – Following the success of casual dress for casual play we will be continuing with this approach although, ripped jeans and football shirts are still not permitted.

Spoons – The Saturday Spoons is still the traditional gathering and greys with white above the waist is required, club shirts are also permitted, although blazers and ties are now optional.

Jumble – This is the same as Casual, see above.

Friendly Fixtures – Changed code: we will be playing these fixtures in our new club tops with greys this year.

BN Leagues – Men – Greys and club shirts

Parliamentary – Greys and the old-style club shirts

BN Leagues – Women – Greys and club shirts

NELBL – Women – Greys and club shirts

Club Competitions – Greys and white above the waist or club shirts

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