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Games, Leagues and Competitions

Joining the club's various games, competitions and leagues is a great way to improve your game. You also meet with like-minded players, a great way to socialise and make new friends.

Below we outline the various games, leagues and competitions and the level of competence expected so you and your fellow players get the most out of playing.

Parking. Free 2 hour parking opposite the club outside the church.

Meter parking is just outside the club is 50 pence per hour, maximum 3 hours.

Unrestricted free parking is in Brackenfield Road and beyond, just a few minutes walk away.

Half day parking tickets at £1 can be obtained from Committee Members Brian Duell or Elspeth Bennett.

Dress Codes: For a full list of of all dress codes click here 




The traditional Saturday Spoons is played over 15 ends followed by tea in the clubhouse.

Standard: Spoons is available to all members and not restricted to particular level of competence. 

Dress Code: White above waist and grey below waist.

Start: 2pm - Please arrive 15 minutes early for registration and team selection.

Spoons consist of of 3 games of 5 ends each. Players are chosen by draw. After 5 ends teams are moved round to play different teams. It's a good way to give even a weaker team a change to score points, and maybe even win the day. At the end of play tea/coffee and cakes are served in the club house, and president or his deputy give a brief summary of club events and competition results.

Afterwards of course the bar is also open, an opportunity for additional socialising.




Munday Jumbles are run throughout the season over 12 ends.

Standard: Similar to Spoons, Jumbles is available to all members and not restricted to particular level of competence.

Dress code: Smart casual sport wear.

Start: 2pm - Please arrive 15 minutes early for team selection.

Play & Scoring:

At the start of the game teams are arranged by draw.

At the end of play the points scored by your team are awarded to each player of your team. Example, your team scores 12 points, each player in your team will receive personally 12 points.

Your personal score is then carried forward to the next time you play.

At the end of the season each persons average score is counted to decide the winner. The winner will will be awarded the Whincop Trophy.

Playing each week is not required, but in order for the average score to be counted a player must at least attend 8 games in the season.

Spoon and Jumbles are great ways to socialise and meet other members.

Mixed Pairs Competition  

Usually played at least once in the season. Lasts must of the day, lunch is from a shared table.


Round - robin, each team plays in turn against every other team.

Winning team is decided by the grand total of points achieved.


Roll ups

Games can be arranged between any group of members. Please do check the fixture list, particularly Friday afternoons. No play is possible on the mornings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday when Green Maintenance takes place.

Throughout the season there will be regular roll ups organised on the basis: whoever turns up. Check with fellow members to find out when such roll ups take place.

Roll ups are very good way to have a game without the pressure of league or cup competition, and meet other like-minded members.

Dress code: Casual but no blue jeans or T-shirts


Standard: Reasonable competent club player.

Dress code: White above waist and grey below waist. Friendlies  in most cases are mixed for both ladies and male players. Registration sheets are displayed on the main notice board in the clubhouse in good time before the date of the game for members to register their interest.


Parliament League 

Standard: Reasonable competent club player.

Dress Code: Club shirts and grey below waist.

Up and coming games will be put on the notice board in the Men's locker rooms several weeks before the games. 

If you are interested in being selected to play enter your name on the appropriate booking sheet.


Other Leagues

To indicate your interest in being selected for any of the leagues enter your name on the appropriate sheet in the Men's or the Ladies locker room as appropriate. Lists for many leagues are displayed on the notice boards right at the beginning of the season.

Knight Cup

Standard: Good Club Player

Dress Code: White above waist and grey below waist.

Clegg, Nines, BE Championships, Top Club, Double Fours and Collins & Shipley (C&S).

Standard: Good to very good club players

Dress Code: Men, GBC Team shirts and Maroon below waist. Ladies, GBC Team shirts, White below waist.

There are a number of other games and competitions throughout the season, for details see the notice boards or contact the Fixtures Secretary of one of the Green Rangers, see Management Committee for details.



For a full list of all games and competitions click here


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