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The Management Committee (MC) consists of the Officers of the club, plus a maximum 5 ordinary members.


John Wright


Steve Pallas Immediate Past President & Green Ranger



Simon Richardson

Simon Richardson.jpg

Marj James

Ladies Secretary


Norma Povey Honorary Treasurer & Ladies Captain


Brian Duell

Green Ranger and Assistant Treasurer


Peter Duffy

Honorary Secretary

& Bar Manager


George Bennett

Ground Management & Coach


Dave Lane

Honorary Assistant Secretary

Kurt Obermaier Membership Secretary & 

Web Manager 


Mike Povey

Committee Member

Shanking Hands after the game_edited.jpg

Sheila Storey Committee Member


Elspeth Bennett 

Committee Member


Not a member of the MC, but a very important part of the Club is our Green Keeper

 Colin Moore

Extract of the Constitution of the club

that lays down the requirement for Officers and Committee Members:

Officers shall be elected at the the AGM and hold office for the period of election, retiring at the end of the period of election. All officers are eligible for re-election to the same office or another at the end of their current period.

Standing for Management Committee:

Candidates for election to the MC are those members retiring after their term and offering themselves for re-election and full members putting themselves forward for election at least 28 days before the AGM. Such members must have been full members of the club for two years and must each have a proposer and seconder.

If a casual vacancy occurs the MC may co-opt a member until the next AGM.

Full club rules are given in the Constitution

Past Presidents

2023 Steve Pallas

2022 George Bennett

2021 George Bennett

2000 Norma Povey

2019 Frank Close

2018 Michael Povey

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